About Us

Silicon Valley Forensics is a student-based organization that seeks to curb the high cost of debate coaching for high schoolers. Using online modules, public resources, and free classes, SVF empowers young, underprivileged debaters in the area.

We have raised over $1000 in academic resources to over 25 schools in the area.

Our Goals


Create a web-based platform so that the website is accessible to all, even to those who cannot attend our classes.


Seeks to provide premier education to debaters, with staff that boasts many strong results at national-level tournaments.


Presentations and learning modules are catered towards the students and their specific needs.


Fosters strong bonds between members and their mentors, with team tournaments and scrimmages.

Video Resources

Check out our Youtube channel for them all!

Introduction to Public Forum

Judge Appeal

Analytic Rebuttal

Executive Team

Brandon Guo, President

Herman Saini, Executive Vice President

Keshav Taneja, Vice President of Training

Chirag Mehta, Vice President of Technology

Arya Kondur, Vice President of Logistics

Contact Us at siliconvalleyforensics@gmail.com